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It's Not Luck When We Stop The Puck!

"There is no position in sport as noble as goaltending" - Vladislav Tretiak, former great Russian goaltender

Goaltenders have often been described as being a little different than the rest. We think the word they are looking for is fearless.  And let's face it, you have to be brave to stand in front of a frozen disc, with a herd of hockey players rushing towards you.

But there is so much more to the position than what the people in the stands will ever see. The amazing saves by Goaltenders in game situations can only happen because of countless hours of training.  The save you see in the game was a goal scored in practice. 


Great training produces great goalies. 


And that is what we deliver on, each and every time.


The title of the school says it all.  At Old School Goal School™, we believe in the fundamentals of goaltending, and understand that truly exceptional minders of the net can only become great when they first master the art of the position as it has been since the beginning of hockey.  The designed programs bring the present and the past together, combining the time tested fundamentals with the exciting advancements in the position made possible by evolving technology.


The program is not easy.  It requires commitment and it involves a lot of hard work.  By design, it is structured so it can be adapted to suit your child, whether it is pre-season or all year round.  And, unlike other programs that only train on the ice , Old School Goal School™ also focuses on a dry land strength and conditioning program. We build goalies  with superior stamina and strength to make that game winning save. 


Our results speak for themselves.  We produce goalies who are accountable and fearless and who can outperform their competition on and off the ice.


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